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UALL Work & Learning Network 

Middlesex University Work and Learning Research Centre Colloquium

Equality Diversity and Inclusion: championing work and learning that empowers and sustains change


Event date: 30th June 2021  10am - 12:30pm

Location: Online/Zoom (MDX Corporate Account)

Keynote: Dr Jenny Rodriguez: Senior Lecturer in Employment Studies, The University of Manchester 

Cost: Free 


We invite you to take part in this day event as a delegate or as a speaker to discuss the topics that look from past practice to future practice in an essential area for the post-covid curriculum. 


Please send your 300 words send your extended abstracts and case studies to Paula Nottingham by the extended deadline of Sunday, the 13th June 2021. 

We welcome any delegates who just want to attend. You can now sign up on our website


As an option we would like to invite volunteers to do a brief 4-5 minute presentation on your EDI theme. With permissions we will plan to put the day’s contributions on our network website. 


This event is set out to explore and contribute to themes surrounding equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). There will be key speakers to bring EDI into focus, brief presentations and a final EDI panel discussion. The Colloquium will address the following questions:


  • What does EDI look like in your current programme of studies or curriculum?

  • How does this relate to work and learning practice from past decades?

  • What does EDI look like in the workplace? 

  • Are there areas of synergy or dissonance between educational and work places?


The event will consider the following themes:

  • How EDI issues are championed within learning and work studies e.g. work-integrated learning (WIL), apprenticeships, placements, internships, continuing education, doctoral studies, staff training, voluntary and community context, coaching, part-time and full-time work-based learning (note that work can be considered as paid or unpaid).  

  • Power and social justice – looking at EDI activism in today’s higher education setting.

  • Organisational and partnership imperatives for EDI 

  • How do we align and reconcile older practices with newer practices in EDI?

  • Decolonising the curriculum,  what needs to happen?

  • Ageism and working with various generations (mature students to apprenticeships).

  • Policy and practice, realising social justice goals – case studies that champion change


We invite delegates to suggest further collaborative topics for the day’s discussion.

Proposals from new practitioners and researchers are particularly welcome. 

We further invite you to write up your work as a paper for the Work Based Learning e-Journal International


For information about the colloquium - contact: Paula Nottingham